With so much in the counter-culture press about protecting our water supplies, I thought I'd write a bit on how important it is within the body - we all know that, but it may help to understand it a bit more thoroughly.

Unsurprisingly, there is little in the main-stream press about the struggle of local peoples to protect their waterways - here, the UK government is forcing fracking on local councils despite major, local opposition, and in the US there is mass police brutality against native American roadblocks disturbing the laying of the oil pipeline across their lands in Dakota - incase you hadn't noticed the media blackout on both sides of the Atlantic.

For those of us that (thankfully) have relatively clear, clean water, the next question is how we then treat it personally, and then how it treats us.

There are numerous videos out there about the chemical content of tap water, which is not worse than the chemical leaching from bottled water. And then there is the endless advertising about the pros and cons of different filtration systems.

And once you've fought your way through that labyrinth, the effectiveness of the WHO-recommended 2 litres a day will be dependant upon when it is drunk, and how hydrating the rest of your diet and lifestyle is. You can see much more on this in my article on water here

  1. Drinking two litres upon waking, then dehydrating for the rest of the day, is little better than not drinking at all. So it is not just about the amounts we drink.
  2. Moreover, there is a huge amount of water available in raw foods, which differs dramatically from a meat and grain-based diet - which takes huge amounts of your water to process.
  3. Because we lose water when breathing deeply, a sedentary life loses you less water than an active life - including exercise, yoga, singing, etc...
  4. A drier and warmer environment will change how much water you lose to the atmosphere (IE: heating your home is like living in a desert)

In short, I don't estimate my personal water intake by any of these complex equations.
I do what I recommend on retreat.

If I'm thirsty, I drink.
If I don't know if I'm thirsty, I drink.
If I'm not thirsty, I drink.
Essentially, if I am thinking about it, I drink...

But the 'acid test' is

If you haven't pee'd for a couple of hours, you need to drink. Now.

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