The Astronomy

A quick reminder of what is happening at this special time of year...

Because of the set of up our solar system, the earth spins at an angle to the sun, meaning that any place on it is bathed in an uneven amount of light depending on the time of year.

At the equator, the variation between day length and night length is almost inperceptible, but the further north or south we go, the more obvious is the difference.

Balance is reached on only two days a year - Sept 23rd and March 21st...

The Philosophy

All ancient cultures paid attention to their surroundings (because they were not distracted by iPads and mortgages), to be able to predict what can be predicted, and to learn from systems such bigger than ourselves.

The clearest message is one of balance. And equal amount of light and dark, of activity and rest, of indulgence and restoration.

One of my teachers was very keen to impart upon me that the point of a practice, spiritual, dietary, or otherwise, was not to take us away from ourselves, but to bring us home.

This will not be achieved through absolute devotion to an idea, at the expense of our own experience. To bring us in relationship to ourselves and the universe, we must neither get too lofty, nor to earthy...

I seem to have become associated with the world of food, because of the nutritional talks I do on our detox retreats, but those talks are only really used a vehicle to express this principle in a very obvious way.

Balance Your Diet to Balance Yourself

If your fridge, plate and belly, are full of heavy foods - those that dull our senses, sap our energy, and slow digestion, then we are bound to feel heavy, think heavy and be heavy. Then have to come in all the stimulants (whether they are coffee, cocaine, or a gruelling gym routine) to lift us from the weight we are energetically consuming.

Conversely, if what we consume is mostly made up of water, light, and air, then this will lead the body, mind and thoughts to be made up equally floaty things.

We are of course, made up of both ends of spectrum, as are all the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, and the actions we chose to do, but balance is the key.

If we can strive for a 50/50 balance between the heavier foods (those that make us feel full, grounded and sustained) and the lighter foods (that keep us lifted, energised and refreshed), then we have a better chance of achieving the same in our minds, our hearts, and our relationships.  

Balance in all Things

So how about we use moments like this, not only to lament the passing of summer, the starting of school, and the beginning of the Xmas ads on telly, but to confer with something a little bigger than ourselves.

When you are feeling heavy...

...after a meal, ask yourself if it could have been more balanced with lighter foods ?
There are endless resources, available online or through Sura Detox to equip you with better choices...

...after a day's work, ask yourself if this really what you want to be doing with your limited time on earth ?
You are endlessly creative, perhaps it is time to reinvent yourself again - you've done it many times already...  

... after a weighty interaction with someone, ask yourself if this is how you want to be in the world ?
Consider in yourself what drives your opinions, your positions, and interactions - could you update your story of course and move on ?

We are always here to help, on all those fronts and many more.

Just give us a call...