Despite 100 years of solid research, blatantly obvious symptoms, and endless anecdotal  evidence, refined sugar continues to be big business. It remains a major political force for slavery and ecological mis-management in a long list of developing nations, and is the most obvious root cause of a multitude of health issues :-

1.Global weight gain, and culture-wide obesity - it don't come much more obvious than that !
2.Tooth decay - catastrophically rapid decline in oral health coincident since refined sugar
3.Progression from hypoglycaemia to type 2 diabetes as sugar management systems fail

And the less obvious are starting to surface :-

1. Addictions to sweets/pastries/soft drinks are among the hardest to quit
2.Loss of key minerals and vitamins through metabolism of empty carb sugars
3.Bowel dysbiosis - rapid ascent of candida overgrowth as major cause of physical & mental ills
4.Acidification of the system by metabolic bi-products of detrimental bacteria proliferation
5.Sugar increases cortisol, thus estrogen - impact upon sex, growth and cancer hormones

Study it or not. Like it or not. We know this.

But we are biologically addicted to sugars.

How so ? - read more here

What you might not know is the extent to which it is true.

50% of US citizens are insulin resistant - meaning that their 100,000,000 year old, perfectly-tuned, fruit-sugar management organs have become knackered and compromised in just 100 years of human-defined sugars and fats.

This makes half of the world's flagship culture type 2 diabetics - some of them just don't know it yet.

But where that gets really interesting is that 80% of Alzheimers patients are type 2 diabetic.

A connection that is so well documented, that Alzheimers is now known as type 3 diabetes!

And while here in the UK, we tend to vilify, ridicule and scapegoat our bigger (military), stronger (grip), and faster (carbon-emitting) cousins over there, the rest of the world is never far behind.


So, let's get a grip here.

  1. The more refined sugar we consume, the more insulin our body must produce to keep the sugars balanced in the blood.
  2. If we have half-digested fats clogging up the blood, then no matter how much insulin is produced, it can not make it to the cells, so we reach type 2 diabetes (insulin resistance)
  3. Sugar-starved cells call for increasing sugars in the diet, and eventually the system becomes overworked, underfunded, and collapses - type 1 diabetes (insulin deficiency)
  4. Blood sugar levels remain too high, and the lack of insulin starves the brain of its vital fuel, so it starts to die - type 3 diabetes.

Hhmmm. Why did this never happen to the millions of apes gorging on endless bellyfulls of tropical fruits for 120,000,000 million years, as they co-evolved with the forest to produce ever-richer and sweeter food sources...

So, if you are not at the level of sugar addiction where your blood is too thick to enter the tiny capillaries that feed the most delicate structures in the body, and you still have the ability to balance your sugars, listen up, because there is still more to learn...

Sugar Leaching

We also know that the endless metabolism of refined sugars causes the loss of B vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and chromium, proportional to the regularity and amount ingested.

We also know that it has a marked effect upon the balance of bowel bacteria (yep, all bacteria just love refined sugars, so whichever is dominant will tend to get there first and proliferate).

Different bacteria in the bowel produce different things, and only certain 'good guys' secrete and regulate neurochemistry that directly affects the upper brain & dramatically influences our sense of well-being, and thus our behaviour.

In short, what you eat not only affects what you are, but who you are.

In Finland a research team looking at lawful definitions of responsibility and free will did numerous blood tests on a bunch of convicts being released back in to society for insulin response. Just by looking at their response to the glucose test, the researchers were able to predict with greater than 80 percent accuracy which convicts would go on to commit violent crimes.

Treating the Brain

Eating foods that act as pre-biotics or pro-biotics increases the population of gut bacteria that produce and deliver Serotonin to the gut wall, which is quickly whisked to the brain for utilisation. This is the key neurotransmitter that you want to get lots of.

Essentially, the difference between crippling depression and blissful elevation is micrograms of Serotonin, and they are primarily produced by gut bacteria that you can either feed or starve.

Refined sugars are a major killer of these mind-altering life-forms (along with coffee, starches, meat, and obviously antibiotics), and yet fresh, raw fruit and veg are major feeders of these super-friendlies. 

The simple answer to keep on the safe side of your sugar addiction, entertain your palate, and satisfy your biological and psychological need for sugars is simple...


Not endlessly, not indiscriminately, not carelessly...

When you want something sweet...

Want some instant energy...

Need some fast food...

A packed lunch...

Quick munchies...

Eat fruit...

Some are better than others, it is true. See a list of the best fruits here...

The Bottom Line

As usual the conclusion is the same.

We must be brain-damaged to expect such an exquisitely complex biological computer (the brain) to run perfectly - regardless of what you build it from and fuel it on…
Oh yeah, hang on, brain-damage is exactly what the science says we should expect from building such an exquisitely complex biological computer from pig fat, and running it on refined white sugar.

How did we miss that ?

Could we be brain damaged ?

Do ya think ?

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