I guess the answer is different for everyone.

I have just finished my own mini fast, and my reasons were quite amorphous.

Despite everything seeming pretty upbeat in my life - home life is fulfilling, stable and loving. Sura's next couple of retreats are looking full and healthy, so business seems quite robust right now. I have plenty of creative projects on the go - or at least in the pipeline. And yet...

And yet something was amiss. Something was not satisfying.
That is to say, I was feeling disconnected from a sense of satisfaction. Discontent was brewing.

I had noticed recently that food wasn't really turning me on, and that is always a sign for me.
A good refreshing of my relationship with food - that can never hurt.
So I knew what I must do.

I had been promising myself a rest from the relentless rigours of running a business and a family, but who has the time, right ? Well I've got to this stage in the past...

I know from experience that if I don't make the time for my own rest, the time for my own body, then it will make time for me to rest. The usual 'you're gonna lay down now' message for me is a 2 day fever - the kind of unignorable flag that you just can't negotiate with, or soldier on through.

Holidays, I am told, can do this - the old 'change is as good as a rest' theory, but I always remember coming back from them feeling more discontent than when I left. Having glimpsed into what I would really like my life to be.
I find that taking it all away - the good and the bad - and coming back with a fresh appreciation of what a great life I have - now that does work...

So rather than wait until I got ill, I thought I'd take myself back to the source - to the true meaning of a retreat.

It just so happens that friends have a cabin not far from me, and in these more wintery months, I know it often lies empty.

So, off I wandered with my water bottle (and their permission !), and curled up in bed for 3 days, just me and the birdsong...

And man did I rest.

I slept mostly.

To the point at which I could just sleep no more...

But in that deep torpor I watched my mind busy itself with things of the past and the future. I noticed it organising various subjects - some of which did need organising, the rest was simply to keep itself busy I guess - as minds do so love to do...

I never quite got to the bottom of my prior discontent - not in an intellectual fashion.
Nothing has changed on the outside, but I sure feel different.

I have my zest back. My mojo. My energy for projects, old & new.

On the final day I got a bit busy with some creative projects I have been promising myself...

Whilst I munched my way through the winter crop of leaves from their blessed poly tunnel.

Thanks guys...


And now I am home again.

Wiser - perhaps.

Cleaner - I guess.

Clearer - certainly.

Brighter - for sure.

So, anyway, that is what I was doing this week.

And that is why I fasted when I felt a little low on esteem.

And I'll take that any day, over anti-depressants, more stimulants, or an empty sense of obligation.

I know where my health lies - in the wisdom of the body - in the resting back into nature.

And of course, I have the advantage of trusting my body. I have zero fears around its ability to cope and make use of the space I give it. I don't need anyone to hold the space for me.

If you're not so confident, then there are those that will hold your hand and walk you through the process. And who better to choose than those who do it themselves - and I can tell you that not everyone that runs detox or fasting facilities does that.

You gotta read the label, and ask the right questions...

But here at Sura Detox, what you see is what you get.

Hope to see you here soon.