I spent 5 minutes exposed to a news stand today, and the most obvious impact was actually positive - from the 'Daily Express' of all places...

My mind was blown for a moment.

Could it be, there is a catching up happening - has some major, papaya-shaped penny dropped from the money tree and hit someone important on the head, and cured them ;-)

So, I went digging, and my wonder, my joy, my elation was put in its proper place.

Back in the jaded box of cynical fads...

For, it seems, every so often this kind of headline is used simply to boost sales...


 Separated out across the months, I am sure it fires up something a kind to hope, or a sense of progress in modern scientific research. Or perhaps it is, indeed, just a sensationalism to boost the daily sales of this tabloid, plus that particular day's declared diabetes cure... 

My guess is that the average newspaper reader, consuming information at a modern-day rate, simply cannot retain yesterday's news, and so there is just no room for the irony of these slick headlines when they are all lined up like this.

The irony being that a nation of chocolate-munching, coffee-drinking, yoghurt-slurping, egg-frying, and dairy-consuming humans can consider any of those things a cure.

Come on guys, if there is a relationship between diabetes and any of these edibles, then statistic would suggest that they are more likely to be the source of the problem, rather than any kind of cure.

Diabetes is such a first-world epidemic. And as indicators of a nation's 'development' increase, so to do its incidents of diseases such as this. In fact, many of the foods above are a part of the calculation to determine just how 'developed' a nation is !

So, let's consider that these conditions are almost unheard of in nations where these highly processed foods are not the norm. And as a population eats more of them, the incidents of diabetes increases - so how can they be a cure for it !

Conversely, lower the amounts of those things eaten, and statistically the diabetes decreases...

So perhaps the headline should be... 

Joking Aside

Actually, we know what the problem is... We're Sugar Damaged

And we know the solutions - get your sugars from nature

While we are famed for our rhetoric on natural food & relaxed exercise, among our top health tips is actually a list of things to drop from your wider daily diet.

Of course, refined sugar in all its forms is one of them. Along with grains, beans, alcohol and standard cow dairy, and deeply processed foods generally.

But this comes along with a longer list of non-food items, that we often exposure ourselves to daily.

  1. A bombarding, negative, or stressful workplace.
  2. Any toxic relationship, friendship or family situation that generates stress.
  3. What we chose to watch and listen to, is next.
  4. Especially someone editor's choice of world events - picked specifically for their impactful, sensationalist negativity - now that has to go....

So I think it should read

It is a more general alert to the implications of a modern life...

  • It's false hopes
  • Its endless consumption of paper
  • Shattered workers rights
  • Conflicting research
  • Confusing information
  • Sensationalist subjects to feel bad about
  • Zero education on what you can do

I can't even advocate wrapping your chips in them !

So, like the sugar, the starch, and the chips themselves, put them in the bin, and go for a walk through the forest ;-)