I heard again recently of an experiment controversially conducted by 5 Swedish schoolgirls who were noticing difficulty sleeping if they kept their mobiles were next to them all night.

They proved something many of us have long suspected but never quite had the gumption to test individually, and so we rely upon the powers-that-be to protect us all.

They deserve all the salutations and every Kroner they were awarded.

They deserve all the salutations and every Kroner they were awarded.

Obviously these 5 schoolgirls didn't have the facilities to test the effects of wireless radiation on the human endocrine system, but they did what they could - within the confines of the school's science lab.

They placed bowls of cress seeds at various distances from the WiFi routers - which have similar microwave emissions to mobile phones.

They made sure the all seed trays were otherwise receiving the same water, heat and light.

In a fortnight, those closest to the routers were yet to grow - most were dead seeds, others were twisted, deformed and mutated sprouts.

And yet, from the same seed packet, at greater distances from the routers was a completely different result.

This batch grew as normal cress seeds do.

They were full of green vitality and health, with life busy sprouting from every shell.

So there is clearly an effect on seedlife, and it is to do with proximity to WiFi signals.

Science by scientists

In doing so, these young seekers of repeatable truth without preconception - the proper definition of scientists - have done far more for the independent research of electromagnetic pollution than any of the government's health & safety bodies, or the mobile industry itself - which is left to set its own safety limits (! genius idea !)...

At best, these over-arching governmental forces have ignored this concerning research - poo-pooing it as insufficient data, we are not cress plants, etc... 

All the accepted research so far has been looking at microwave radiations' ability to raise the temperature of cells. But they limit the impact criteria to whether the change in temperature alone is a problem. Of course you'd have to use your phone a lot to increase the temperature enough to physically cook cells.

Even with this limited view, there is concern about the effect of your mobile's microwave radiation upon the brain cells closest to it - especially in children, as they are both more penetrable and susceptible to damage.


Essentially the power of its emissions halve every inch, so even keeping your phone further from your head lessens the potential damage.

But as seen in the Sweden girl's simple experiment, there is more to this picture than temperature.

As alarming as frying one's brain cells is the issue of storing one's mobile in your pocket or handbag or bra. Notice that all of these convenient pockets are worrying close to the roots of the next generation. Whether there is a 'cooking' problem happening, or if seeds are detrimentally affected - its the same story - fried eggs don't hatch well !

I don't need to tell you what conclusions or advise come from this - either about what to do with your mobile at night, using speakerphone where possible, where to place your WiFi routers, or who to trust for your health and safety...

If you don't use your mobile too much you might be able to work it out for yourself ;-)