You've probably all noticed that spring is happening... If not, you need to get out more ;-)

I know I do.

I've got a gorgeous garden, a poly tunnel, a dog to drag me off to the river every day, and yay ! I've got a river to get dragged off to.
And I could still be outside more !

Vertical stacking

Vertical stacking

I know this is no gardening programme, and I am certainly no Titchmarsh, but I wanna harp on about planting for a moment, simply because it is what the land around us is doing...

Hope you've noticed the endless budding happening all around us...

The edible balcony

The edible balcony

Growing a garden, a window box, or even just a few flowerpots connects us to the energy around us in all kinds of ways.

Highly recommended.

And you don't need loads of space.

Here are a couple of clever & gorgeous ideas just using a pallet for structure.

But the real reason to devote time to this little project is more than just aesthetics of course, it is about growing food.

Salad leaves are among the most sprayed foods in the world, and with the massive surface area, they are one of the main sources of pesticide consumption.

Buying them organic is one step closer, but they're often still transported over great distances and at high speed to get to you before they wilt - this uses masses of energy that we can't afford to be burning.

If you've got the space and a little bit of time, I'd seriously recommend a tunnel or greenhouse - it massively extends the growing period, and negates all manner of food transport concerns.

Here's one I made earlier

...out of a massive old steamed-wood tent. And the obligatory sunbathing dog ;-)

In truth I spend about 10 minutes a day watering (with captured rainwater) and weeding.
And the occasional 30 minutes planting new seeds or seedlings.
The most time-expensive part is harvesting !
But, as you've probably guessed - that is the pleasure that it is all about !

But the real point of this post is really in the title...

you can't reap what you don't sow

And of course this doesn't just apply to the physical gardening; planting; sowing sense of the word. We are fed by many things. If we cultivate a life that is busy, stressful, bombarding, and conflicted, one can hardly expect to receive simple, easy, and joyous from the world around us.

I reckon most people are spending far too long at work, making someone else more money than them, to justify spending time, energy and attention on something as gorgeous, healthy, fruitful and therapeutic as gardening.

So perhaps that is the first thing to sow...
A means of making a living that allows you a life at the end of it.

So, having said all that, I am gonna put down my keyboard now and go get some rays...