How can it be that something as simple as not eating can cures some of the biggest killers in this modern age ? And solves some of the greatest conundrums - with all our medical wizadry?

Here we have a great example of lifestyle changes brought about by their retreat, that led to the reversal of diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.


Their (somewhat enlightened) doctor gave them a choice of more medication to control the growing symptoms of diabetes and high cholesterol, or to read a book that ultimately led them on a retreat with us.

After sustaining the changes they took home from Sura, their doctor stopped threatening them with more medication, actually took him off the pills he was previously on for years ! And validated her own stance on detox !!! Win win win !

You can read the whole account below...

But to understand why fasting works, why it often leads to sustainable changes that help and heal our greatest health crises, you need to do it...

No amount of reading about it will change your health at all !

Contact us for more information - find a date that works for you, and book in.

In the meantime...

It is your choices that make up 90% of your health, not your genes.


Everything that we feed the body - from food to stressload to TV - is either making or breaking our health, and giving us the energy levels we clearly want.
Understanding why we want that lack of energy is all part of the puzzle.
And again - fasting is the only way to truly understand it...

Here's the full testimonial....

"Well was it going to be a 3 week retreat in Thailand or a week in Devon. So happy with our choices. A lot of negatives in our lives over this year and we felt strongly we needed to change our lifestyles. We chose Devon at the end of September 2017 and so glad we did.

Shortly after booking on the retreat Paul went to the doctors and saw the Diabetic Doctor. Paul had type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and had previously suffered from a stroke. The doctor warned him that if he did not lose weight by the next visit she would put him on medication, something he wanted to avoid. She advised him of a book to read and it changed our whole outlook and started us on this path of being healthier and stronger minded. 

Sura advises you to start changing your eating patterns and stop certain things and we did because we were committed to changing our whole life and get out of the rut we had got into. We cut out sugar and alcohol and reduced our portion sizes significantly.

By the time we GOT TO Devon I had lost 15lb and Paul had lost 10lb. Because we cut things out so much we did not suffer the detox headaches as much as others during this week for which we were thankful.

There was no pressure to join in anything and if you wanted you could just sleep but that would not have enabled us to engage with others, not enable us to experience the massages advice and experience from Dao, Nikki, Daniel and Benita. Some of the tasks are not your usual everyday experience such as the Colonics but when you learn about your inner self from the talks by Dao you get a true understanding of how our systems work and the damage we do to our selves and how we can help ourselves.

Paul can suffer from Gout when he is on a diet and this was what he was suffering for a short time. A good massage and exercise and not eating meant he repaired itself much more quickly.

At the end of the week I had lost another 6lb and Paul had lost 8lb.

We have continued to lose weight - Paul has lost 2st and I have lost 2st 3lb.

Paul's last Doctors appointment was his best and the Doctor was very happy with what he had achieved and told Paul he no longer has type 2 diabetes and does not have high cholesterol anymore.

Instead of putting him on more medication, as threatened, she took him off all the medication he had been taking for years.

This doctor had previously been suspended for 2 months because she advocated days of detox and not eating. Her excitement that her advice had been correct will help her continue having this view that it is okay to have days of starvation. 

We now recognise when a food does not agree with us and this enables us change our eating habits and avoid foods that are not suitable t our digestive systems.

In 4 weeks time we are off to Thailand for a 2 week holiday (not on a retreat). I will fit better into the plane seat and need to shop for smaller clothes sizes, Hooray.

If you get the urge to change your lifestyle and be in control of it then take up the opportunity to attend a Sura Retreat."

One of the many stories that are fed back to us time and time again.


You can find 300 more here

Come and get your own return to health...


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