Despite what you might hear on the news, the greatest threats to your well being & life are not those that make the headlines. Those subjects with the most air-time are just a tiny smidgen of the mass of happenings around the world, and are chosen for broadcast by folk with an agenda.

Some might say they are chosen to stimulate ambient terror, and separation between members of the public, and there is a lot of evidence to support that - especially when you look at the sheer amount of equally important and far more uplifting news items that doesn’t get reported on in mass media. But I suspect it is simply because TV programmers have understood from years of ratings that the most sensationalist, exciting, and bombarding news reports get them the best 'asses in seats’.

These statistics strongly suggest that we love to be scared. Whether that is from the outside - in the news forms we expose ourselves to, by choice - through the TV and movies we plug into, and in ourselves - the terrifying predictions and worse case scenarios we constantly run in our own heads.

And there is definitely a correlation between the external stimulation and the internal monologue.

And both are major contributors to our ambient stress levels - which is one of the major players in modern health - or the lack of it.

Some stats show stress as more important than diet and exercise - as if you can separate such things in a realtime health study !!!

The Choices We Make

We cannot control what events are chosen as newsworthy, nor which movies are made.

We cannot influence what clothes get created, or how much the factory workers get paid.

Nor which crops are grown, organically or otherwise, or which foods get made with what ingredients.

But we don’t have to.

We only have to control one thing in the whole universe. 

Which should be a massive relief, as it is, in truth the only thing that we can control.



So, the subject of food expands outwards, to touch on all the things we 'feed' ourselves.

And of course, we do affect the world around us through these choices.

Supermarkets can only sell what people will buy.

And of course, we can only buy what they sell...

If you shop at supermarkets...

So don't…

We live in an age of abundance - especially where consumer items are concerned, and food is one of the only items you have to consume.

So if you don’t like what the supermarket sells, then simply go shop elsewhere.

I have found that in coming back into a supermarket once or twice a year, I have noticed that they are now selling many of the things I couldn’t buy there a year ago.

Proving that they will catch up. 

It takes a while - they are only going to stock what they can make money from - such is the nature of the game.

So go where sells what you want.

Hang out with people that bring out the best in you : the person you want to be.

Ditch the rest.

That gap in your social sphere that might appear if you’re afraid of letting the current lot go, will soon be populated once again in folk that like this new, empowered you.

And if you’re still looking for news, just deliberate what you expose yourself to.

I’ll finish with a resource along these lines called the Pachamama Alliance’s

In one of their free courses, called 'Awaken the Dreamer', they devote a full 15 minutes lifting what we might feel about the state of the world, with a simple list of organisations and people around the world who are doing incredible work to unify humanity, spread the wealth away from greedy corporations, make corrupt governments accountable, and protect the environment.

15 minutes !!! That's what news reels could be full of, but aren't - and we must question why !