Craft Sessions during the detox retreat week

Half way through the week Nikki (who, in a previous life, used to run Community Art Workshops for Cornwall's Eden Project), brings out a variety of art materials and sets up a making area.

Ideas and stencils are provided, so that even those with no previous experience can successfully make something, or you can let your imagination run free and create your own designs.

The focus is not on the results, but on the process - as we sit, drinking tea, chatting and working with our hands, everyone forgets about their tummy, and we lose all track of time as we sink into a relaxed, creative mind-set.

People are often amazed at how enjoyable and soothing this is - perhaps something they haven't had time for in a long while.

The art sessions were a total surprise for me. Something I haven’t done since I was at school.
The process was so therapeutic and I surprised myself with the result.
— Jill B - Sep 2013
There are some guided sessions on a drop in basis - you can pop off for a treatment or a lie down and pick it up again later. This ‘stitch & bitch’ table has been a god-send. Took up every afternoon, and came home with some soft toys for my toddlers - a bonus to the whole wonderful week.
— Debs - July 2014
You’ll have free access to the materials for the rest of the week for those who wish to continue - many do get hooked ! When Nikki got the craft gear out I was too scared to go, but when I saw what a laugh they were all having I got sucked in, and I was there every day afterward. Made some bunting and Xmas cards for the kids.
— Dave T- Oct 2014