Aiding Fertility with Detox

Starting a family? Congratulations ! A detox retreat can only help.

Our cleansing detox retreat will support you if you're having difficulty conceiving a baby, or if you're looking to get your system in top condition before you start.

Infertility is a fast growing global epidemic and each couple experiencing difficulty conceiving a baby will have their own story to tell. Common problems we can help with include low sperm count, hormonal imbalance, nutrition deficiency, pollutants, mental anxiety and emotional stress.

After my second miscarriage my fiancé suggested that I do something wonderful for myself that I wouldn’t be able to do if I was pregnant.

So I came to Sura Detox. A decision that changed my life. We got married six weeks after the retreat and I was positively radiant. I conceived on honeymoon and at 40 gave birth to our gorgeous baby girl. Sura Detox is transformational.
— Lilley & Daniel & Tulsi.

Past clients wanting to start a family felt our detox was fundamental to their subsequent success. Many who had tried IVF unsuccessfully for years, quickly conceived after following our programme, which consists of a 7-day juice fast with colonics, coaching, and on-going nutritional recommendations from Dao.

On top of that, they reported improved health and greater awareness and confidence around feeding their growing child, before and after its birth. It's a well known fact that stress can play a major part in difficulties with conception, which is why we offer powerful emotional support designed to help you consider aspects of your life that may need changing.

I came to Sura Detox in April 2009 at the age of 41 having experienced 5 recurrent miscarriages. The retreat renewed my energy levels and mentally prepared me to welcome another pregnancy. I found that I was pregnant again in July 2009 and although I was apprehensive for the first three months I somehow knew that everything was going to be OK this time.
My body was ready for the fantastic journey towards motherhood and I enjoyed a healthy and calm pregnancy: welcoming all the incredible changes that were going on.
There is no doubt in my mind, that the rest, the detox, and the nutritional information all contributed to my easy pregnancy this time. My daughter is a testament to the wonders of the body and the Sura process.
— Johanna H.

You can see Daniel - our counsellor & life coach, as often as you chose during your detox, and your time with him is included in your package. He is known for his ability to help people see the root of their issues more clearly.

Our daily Tai Chi warm-up, Meditation & Yoga sessions will also help to release tension you might be holding in your body and mind, and facilitate deep ease and relaxation. And our wide choice of wonderful massage therapies will relieve deep seated stresses and strains on many levels. 

There is a growing realisation that medical treatments are ineffective at treating disease.
— Robert Winston, professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College London

Diet & Nutrition

As much of the food that we eat is rich in hormone modifying chemistry, it's inevitable that it will have a negative effect on fertility. Meat produced through conventional farming methods is raised with growth hormones designed specifically to alter growth rates, and simply going vegetarian isn't the answer either. Phyto-estrogens in grains and beans are designed by plants to enter the system and change growth patterns in mammals, again affecting such delicate systems.

Here at Sura Detox the daily nutritional talks take advantage of the break from food to get you thinking about how to proceed back into life without the usual addictions and patterns that tend to keep you stuck in a food-rut. Making simple changes to your diet, such as going organic, replacing grains and beans, and eating more fresh fruit and veg, will have a powerful effect on your health. And Nikki's fantastic, hands-on, food prep sessions on the last day will show you just how easy this is.

Things to Increase

  • Fresh, ripe fruit - anti-oxidants

  • Fresh, raw veg - vitamins & minerals

  • Nuts & seeds - fats & oils.

  • Seaweeds (kelp, dulse, nori) - trace elements.

  • Filtered water - cleansing & hydrating.

  • Gentle & aerobic exercise - get your energy moving

  • Sunlight - stimulates the hormones

Things to Decrease

  • Artificial sweeteners & colours

  • Pesticided & processed foods

  • Excessive meat & protein consumption

  • Heavily fried or burned foods.

  • Excessive wifi and mobile exposure

  • Pain-killers, alcohol, caffeine

  • Estrogen mimics (soft plastic containers, toiletries)

My husband was diagnosed with a “varicocele” - very low sperm count and slow mobility, and very little guarantee that the situation would improve after surgery. I really felt that a good “clean out” of our systems would improve our chances to concieve.

We came to Sura Detox in March and when we came back we really stuck to a healthy 70% raw eating regime... I can only say that by the end of April I was pregnant and I had a blissful pregnancy. No sickness, no major cravings.... I gave birth to a healthy boy of 9.2 lb! Very happy and I can only thank Sura detox for this to happen!.
— Manu & Irene C.

Detoxing Starts with a Clean Slate

One way of looking at morning sickness is that it is simply the body cleaning house - a natural detox patterns all its own - expressing all the junk and excesses that would otherwise interfere with a perfect pregnancy.

But why wait until you are preganant to detox - get half the work done ahead of time on a retreat.

And, of course, the body has never come across many of the toxins our modern lives present it with, so it needs all the help it can get. That is where a detox comes in.

After 7 IVF attempts (!) we were willing to try anything. So we took ourselves off to Sura Detox, and from the information I received there, I was able to calm my immune system - much cheaper than the £5000’s worth of horrendous drugs I’d used.
I firmly believe that detoxing was a major contributing factor to my pregnancy. I shall return as soon as I stop breastfeeding, for a further cleanse, and understand better how to feed my family.
— Jo P.

Common Sperm Issues

  • Sperm counts have been cut in half in the last fifty years – and 85% of that is abnormal.

  • In the last few decades there has been a 200% increase in male genital birth defects.

  • Male birth rates are declining. Since 1970 there have been nearly 3 million fewer baby boys.

  • 85% of the sperm produced by a healthy male is DNA-damaged.

  • Boys have a higher incidence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, Tourette’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and dyslexia.

Common Egg Issues

  • 11% of women (aged 15-44) have impaired fertility, and 6% are infertile. These numbers a increasing rapidly each year

  • Most issues are to do with hormonal reasons around ovulation.

  • Eggs produced are of poor viability

  • Endometriosis distributes womb-like material across the body.

  • Blocked fallopian tubes inhibit the sperm's ability to meet the egg

  • Often it is a mis-shapen uterus that can make it hard for a fertilized egg to implant