Nikki Chambers

Since a child I have managed the symptoms of spinal scoliosis, leading me to Yoga. I qualified as a Dru teacher in order to bring this graceful form to others. I will be leading some gentle but potent Dru yoga this week - accessible to all, whether you've practiced before or not. We'll be using Dru Yoga's unique Energy Block Release sequences, and classes designed to keep you supple, release any aches and pains, and gently squeeze the organs to aid the detox process, with a beautiful deep relaxation at the end of each session. It is perfect for aiding the relaxation of the retreat while providing enough movement to keep the body flowing.

I have also explored food as a means of bringing optimum health and happiness alongside the Yoga. As a long-term vegetarian and raw food chef, I am very familiar with detoxing, juicing and superfoods, all of which will be brought to you on the final day of the retreat in the food prep sessions I lead. Closing the retreat with practical demonstrations in which we'll explore simple steps to transition into healthier eating, you'll be amazed at how easy and delicious vibrant living foods can be, whilst applying what has been learned throughout the week.

Drawing from my work as a teacher at the Eden Project, where I outline our dependency upon nature in creative ways with kids. 

I also lead craft afternoons during the retreat, for those who want to be more creative and tactile with their experience. A chance to re-awaken your creativity through various crafts, from felt broaches & card making, to tin work - no experience necessary.

I'm a great believer in the power each of us has to make positive change, and I look forward to supporting you on your retreat.