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Testimonials 2014

2007 - 2014 Detox Retreat Testimonials


Testimonials 2014

2007 - 2014 Detox Retreat Testimonials

Here we have years of feedback, but these days most people prefer to read independent reviews available on Tripadvisor & Google + 

Nov 2014

Charlotte B. - Company Director

"Oh my goodness I have thought such a lot about you and the team since leaving Devon on 24th October. What a week!

I wanted to say hi and thank you. Thank you for looking after me so well and thank you for helping me to find me again. I knew coming would be the right thing and I was right. Not to say that it was fact, it was bloody hard but worth all the misery!

I have got all sorts of new habits thanks to you guys. Firstly I managed to blag an early Christmas present (a Vitamix!) and have trained up the 14 and 12 year olds to use it. They are addicted to Nikki's courgette houmous and also make a mean fruit smoothie. We are all eating lots of raw fruit and veg and, whilst there is still some cooking, I have made little changes to every meal so as to not scare everyone too much!

Initially, I felt exhausted (too much puking) but I did get my energy back pretty quickly. I have felt so much more stable and happy and I know that my gut is SOOO much happier. For me though the main thrust of the week was to purge all sorts of emotional issues which have been eating me. You will be pleased to hear that I am now much happier and I have also found space for 'me' which I hope to expand as the weeks go by. I have also learned not to be so hard on myself!

For everyone else I would say 'Do not hesitate to book yourself a precious week of time during which you are rebooting your own health - both physical and emotional. A detox is not for the faint hearted but I cannot stress how cathartic it is on so many levels. It is the best money I have ever spent and the benefits will last me a life time. You couldn't wish for a better team of people to guide you through this process. Thank you!." *

April 2014

Penny & Pete S.

"We have made some quite dramatic changes to our diet following the week and have actually exceeded our expectations of what we thought was achievable and sustainable for us. We are now the proud owners of an excaliber dehydrator and have worked our way through most of Nikki's receipes and more. We have developed a serious addiction to kale crisps! We eat raw, mainly vegan for breakfast and lunch but tend to have warm veggies for supper. We are in the main vegetarian during the week and only eat meat or fish if we want at the weekend. This has been a huge change particularly for Pete, who had only intended to just do the detox week and that was it!

The fantastic change for me is that this change of diet has meant a complete end to my stomach pain and IBS symptoms, and I remain confident it will also mean a steady increase in my thyroid function and bone density.

Pete has created a vegetable patch in the garden and for the first time we are trying our hand at growing our own. Whilst we find the food preparaton quite a timely process we have certainly speeded up the shopping process as 90% of our needs is now just fruit and veg.

I am spreading the word about Sura Detox at work, the contents of my lunch box appears to be fascinating for them to peruse and I have enjoyed the banter we have over what a 'healthy' diet and lifestyle actually is.

Thank you to you and your team, you lot really are very special and it is this quality that makes the Sura experience so unique and second to none." *

February 2014

Lynn C. - Worcester

"I thought this retreat would help me on a mind,body & spirit level - it did. It gave me everything I wanted and needed.
You guys know your stuff 100%, which I got already from our email exchange before the retreat - keep up the good work.

I got home and I just felt I had to send you a copy of these photos!

First was taken on Friday 21st sat at home packing to leave for Devon

And the second was taken Friday 28th my return from detox!!!!!

No makeup in either photo, but my goodness

My friends and family tell me I look fantastic." *

* Your retreat experience may be different from those quoted above.

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Testimonials 2013

2013 Detox Retreat Testimonials

Testimonials 2013

2013 Detox Retreat Testimonials

November 2013

Sam R. - London

"Good news; we have become sprouters - we have been making almond milk every other day.

Make smoothies every morning Consumed shit loads of beetroot pate. I have just brought a dehydrator and we are virtually living "off the canopy".

James has lost a further 3/4 stone and I have lost half a stone since getting home.

We are not eating any grains - a little meat and a little dairy but hugley cut down.

Thank you for the experience. It was everything it promised to be." *

November 2013

Katharine C. (NeuroScientist) - London

"Thank you so much for a wonderful week! Peter and I cannot describe fully with words how transformational last week was for us, so a huge, huge thank you to you and all the team. I have found that, not only has the level of inflammation in my body decreased significantly, and some side effects of that inflammation have completely disappeared, but also that my whole way of thinking has changed markedly, and this has been the most astonishing effect of the whole week!

So we have made and eaten the raw soup, granola, buckwheaties, soaked all the nuts and seeds, and rearranged our kitchen a little more!

Although in no way have we pigged out since coming home, we did not realise at first how very slowly we had to go as regards re-introduction of food, but we have learned over the weekend, and all is well now.

I am emailing Nikki with some more questions about food. I found her so inspirational, both in Yoga and in food preparation.

Peter and I look forward to keeping in touch with you all, and to a return retreat - it really was marvellous." *

Received August 2013

Irene & Manu C. - Italy

"I was married for about 3 years when my husband was diagnosed with a "varicocele" on his right testicle. Before going under surgery he had to do some fertility test and the result was not promising at all. Very low sperm count and slow mobility. They told us that they could not guarantee that the situation would improve after surgey. And 6 month later unfortunately the situation was still the same. I really felt that a good "clean out" of our systems would improve our chances to concieve.

We came to Sura detox in March and when we came back we really stuck to an healthy 70% raw eating... I can only say that by the end of April I was pregnant and I had a blissful pregnancy. No sickness, no major cravings...

I gave birth to a healthy boy of 9.2 lb! Very happy and I can only thank Sura detox for making this possible." *

Received July 2013

Jo & Carlos - London

"In terms of fertility, there was never anything medically or physically wrong with us; we were unlucky enough to be 'unexplained'.

A particular aspect that I did find very useful was the allergy testing (kinesiology). I had just been to see an immunologist (these are the lengths that we went to with IVF!), who advised that I had a very active immune system. Not auto-immune, so no medical issues, but just a bit too efficient. It was explained that my TH1:TH2 Cytokine ratio was out of kilter. It was tipped into a TH1 dominance, which is very un-baby friendly. TH1 represents TNFa (tumour necrosis factor alpha), which as the name suggests, kills tumours. Great against cancer, but not so good for an embryo.

What I discovered at the retreat, and later discussed with my immunologist, was my intolerance to gluten. I have what's known as a silent intolerance, so I have no symptoms, other than internally whereby my TNFa levels rise. Previous to the retreat, I had spent approximately £5,000 on horrendous drugs keeping my cytokines in check ; post retreat my levels remain within range, on a gluten-free diet. Just Google 'gluten and fertility' and the Western world is making this link more and more." *

May 2013

Nel B. - Barbados

"Back home and into the swing of things. Just saying 'Thanks' for a memorable experience at Sura Detox. Came not knowing what to expect (particularly the colonic aspect), but soon realized that my hesitations were unfounded.

Being able to escape the frenetic life for a week, surrounded by idyllic nature and be refreshed physically, mentally and spiritually is really an opportunity to grasp and cherish.

It was clear and moonlight when we were there, and often I would get up during the night to gaze at the starry sky unimpeded by garish electric light. The birds at my window every morning added to the charm of it all.

I must make mention of the congenial staff and participants who all contributed to the enjoyment of the week. Kudos to you and other members of the Team.

Once again, Thanks a million for everything.

Peace & Jo." *

March 2013

Irene C. - Italy

"Sura Detox is really a life changing experience. You will feel looked after every moment of your stay.

The surrounding is amazing and the cottages cosy and warm, really make you feel like at home.

The program that Sura Detox offers fits perfectly with the "fasting" week. Da's talks, Benita's treatments, Amida's Thai Chi, Kate's support are just priceless. I will reccoment this experience to anyone who really believe that we deserve a chance for our heath and wellbeing." *

March 2013

Irene S. - Glasgow

"Just returned from Sura Detox Retreat and I feel amazing. Lost almost a stone during my week, but that was just a bonus.

What a relaxing time I had, hardly realised that I wasn't eating. All the guys are fantastic and make you so welcome. Amida's Tai Chi, Nikki's Yoga and Dao's nutritional talks all come together to give you a new perspective on life and you leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready to change the world as well as your eating habits.

The accommodation is really quaint. Gorgeous little cottages and the farmhouse. So rustic, but really comfortable.The common area is less so, but a really easy going and comfortable place to meet and get to know your fellow retreaters - but only if you want to. There's also a lovely pool area and sauna which you can use anytime.

No one puts any pressure on you to do anything you don't feel like, and everyone understands if you feel the need to have a duvet day.

Just one more point - I know there are a few of these retreats, but I can't imagine that any others enjoy anything close to the inspiring and informative talks which Dao gives daily, which really motivate you to carry on with your new eating regime when you leave, and give you a real understanding of what effects your food has on your body - nothing like the nutritional information you are used to hearing. These talks surely set Sura apart from any of the others.

Recommend that everyone does this at least once." *

January 2013

Mark A. - Cheshire

"Jan 2013 was my second visit because, not only is it great value for money, but the staff actually really know what they are doing.

From the comfort of an amazing country setting, you are able to totally change your outlook on life, or just chill out and relax – whatever you want. The staff know their stuff, care and support you magnificently through your own personal journey. This is a gentle, holistic way to do something I originally conceived as quite radical.

Its not only painless, its actually pleasurable, to let go of the emotional obsession we have with food, and focus on nurturing the soul and allowing the body to self heal.

If your truly ready for change, on any level, this place will enable you to understand what you want and help you make those changes. Frankly, if every week away brought this type of serenity, the world would be a better place." *

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Testimonials 2012

2012 Detox Retreat Testimonials

Testimonials 2012

2012 Detox Retreat Testimonials

October 2012

Hayli A. - Spain

"To all at Suradetox,

We would like to express our gratitude for all your help and inspiration while we spent time at your detox retreat in Devon. Being complete novices to the idea of a raw food diet and the benefits of detoxing the body, we were nervous to say the least, and to be perfectly honest a bit cynical as to how it could 'change our lives'! But the whole experience has done just that! It has given us a much more positive outlook on healthy living and well-being and how to achieve real happiness within, on both a physical and emotional level. We now feel we have gained more knowledge and tools to make steps towards a better life :)

We chose to do this detox as a girly break and it was perfect for us! Not only did we enjoy quality time together in our beautiful cottage, we also made news friends with many special people who we would not usually have the opportunity to meet. We have ALL left feeling amazing with a new zest for life, and positive attitude about our present and our future!

The support and encouragement of the whole team at Suradetox made the whole experience very special to us and we will certainly be returning next year..

Thanks everyone for an all round 5* experience." *

love from Hayli, Karen and Laura.

May 2012


"A life changing week for me, I learned so much.

Cleared my body and my mind.. Amazing team... Treatments...talks... New friends and the week flew by...

Feel amazing inside and out... Will be returning to continue my journey....." *

January 2012

SC - Anonymous

"I have been caffeine free since my detox at the beginning of January! I can't quite believe it. I am Irish, as you know, and the prospect of living in a world without tea, was too bleak and absurd to even contemplate. And yet, here I am 10 weeks later and I have managed it without a hitch! My skin is great and I have developed an 'unhealthy' obsession with nettle tea instead! My hair is shiny and healthy and looking great. I have found that I don't really need 'industrial grade' chemical deodorant anymore anyway, since my system is so much more alkaline, I don't really need it at all.

I have started eating properly for the first time in decades (quite literally). Me and my blender are becoming best buddies. I am making a breakfast smoothie (dates, almonds and bananas) most days before I go to work.

My fridge is full of vegetables and fruit, salads and cold pressed oils (I was listening!). I returned from the detox in Devon with the most insatiable appetite for green vegetables and salad that I am still trying to satiate. A clue there, perhaps? I won't pretend that I no longer eat cheese (I do) and that I don't drink alcohol (I do), but my diet is a full factor of 20,000 better than it has ever been.

I haven't really eaten a biscuit since I last saw you - this probably doesn't mean much to you, but it represents the most profound change in my eating habits, since I was a bit of a 4 - 5 packet of chocolate biscuits / week type of chick.... Shameful, but true!

My weight has not changed since I left Sura, if anything, I have lost a few more pounds. I look and feel great! Some of girlfriends are trying to follow my example as they have commented on how relaxed and good I look. Oh, and I have been voluntarily going to the gym and cooking on my own at home.

I have saved the best bit for last, though, because all of the above relates to how I look and what I am doing, whereas by far the biggest change that has occurred for me relates to how I feel.

I feel great! I feel epic! I feel happy! My moods are even and sunny (who knew such a thing was even possible?). I feel happy and clear and carefree in a way I can't ever remember feeling since I was a little kid. I had no idea changing the way I ate would have such a profound effect on my the manner and character of every aspect of my thinking and feeling! My thought processes are happy and emotionally detached. No amount of counselling ever seemed to get me to this place on its own. It is literally only 4 months ago that my GP wanted me to put me on anti-depressants to clear up my melancholy thinking and generally blue demeanour ..... Imagine all I needed was some good brain food to sort that out!

It truly is a blessing that I found Sura Detox this year. I genuinely cannot thank you and the team at Sura enough for setting me on such a wonderfully positive and light-hearted path. I mean that more than you can possibly know.

My instinct tells me that this year is going to be the most wonderful year of positive change for me. I am so glad that I have given myself with your invaluable help the best possible chance of capitalising on these positive changes with a foundation for great nutrition and self-care." *

January 2012

Angela S. - Stockport

"This was my second visit to Sura Detox, and again the physical, mental and emotional change in me after a week with the Sura team has amazed me.

It really is difficult to explain to people how spending what seems like a lot of money on a week without food (bar juice and a meal on the last day) can be such good value, but I can honestly say at this moment in time I can't think of anything better to have spent my money on.." *


Testimonials 2011

2011 Detox Retreat Testimonials

Testimonials 2011

2011 Detox Retreat Testimonials

May 2011

Carol T. - Sussex

"The programme was excellent, the talks were informative and based on science, with lots of useful tips to take away.

The whole team were wonderfully supportive managing to hold it all together without being bossy or seargent majorish.

Excellent accommodation, although if I were to come again I wouldn't share a bathroom. Our bathroom was a bit small for two.

I love the fact that you donate a portion of the fee to purchase a bit rain forest.

I am very pleased indeed that my skin allergy and hot flushes seem to have disappeared completely." *

April 2011

Anoushka D. - London

"I just wanted to say a massive massive thank you for such an amazing week.

I felt so helpless before I came, I constantly felt awful and I was becoming more and more distraught with what I could do to remedy the way I was feeling. You equipped me with such great advice I now feel like I can make informed decisions about what to put in my body. But what I liked the most was that not once did you say 'only raw vegan is the way to go' or that you must never go back to cooked food, that makes everything so much easier and less intimidating and rigid.

People think I'm mad for the money I spent on the retreat, but its the best decision I've ever made.

To you and your lovely team, I thank you again.

I will definitely be spreading the word, and plan to come back for round two next year." *

Feb 2011

Lucy G. - London

"Everything feels better all round after last week. Had a lovely talk with my mum last night sorting through a few issues and I am putting my "move to the country" plan into action (Kate worked wonders with me there!). I was ready for a change and thanks to you, Kate, Benita and Amida I feel ready and able to do what needs to be done. I cant tell you how grateful I am or just how much I love you all for it!

Good luck with the next retreat and I will be in touch soon with an update.

Lots of love and squidgy hugs to you all at Sura! xxx." *

Jan 2011

Louise O. - London

"Its quite amazing how SURA has such an effect on your life once you have left! You guys were and are amazing, quite a well-balanced team the YING and YANG of detox! The knowledge and support you gave not only to me but the rest of the attendees was fantastic. I can't pretend that it wasn't the toughest thing I have ever done, but it not only opened my eyes to a healthier way of life, but showed me how if I put my mind to it I had the resolve to do it! And who knows sometime in the future I might be back!

I have managed to keep the weight off and have continued to lose weight slowly, adjusted my cooking and food shopping habits and approach to daily tasks! As a result you have my friend coming at the end of this week.

Please send my best to the rest of the tea." *


Testimonials 2010

2010 Detox Retreat Testimonials

Testimonials 2010

2010 Detox Retreat Testimonials

March 2010

Becky G. - Manchester

"Basically - the retreat was well beyond my expectations - We stayed in the farmhouse which was top - ditto the location. I really appreciated the way you all worked together in your different roles to support us in what we were doing and encourage us to take responsibility for our own health. Your knowledge about nutrition & the way you share it is inspirational. Me and Lorraine had serious brain envy! If only we had had you as one of our lecturers...

We have both just qualified in naturopathic nutrition & were feeling really disillusioned with the heavy focus on supplements and no focus on raw foods / superfoods. We stumbled on a raw food workshop at our local wholefood cafe in our second year of training & spent our last year reading David Wolfe and Kate Wood instead of our course books & making mad chocolate potions! We did get quite into Shazzie as well but the pink PVC and cucumber thing is just going too far!!

Your perspective about evolution really helped me to make sense of everything and your balanced views and approach to raw food is a refreshing change. I've been including quite alot of raw food in my diet (as well as the chocolate potions!) for about 18 months alongside veggie soups, stews, curries etc and my health has really improved without being 100% raw. I treated myself with severe anaemia during this time and got my iron up miles quicker than my Dr anticipated without taking any of the 600mg a day of the nasty ferrous sulphate that she recommended - very scary indeed!

We loved Amida's morning exercises and were both blown away by Kate's session. I didn't have a session with Benita as my therapies were with Claudia & Tim but we saw her alot in the farmhouse and she is just lovely. Claudia & Tim were great too.

Another thing I really liked is that you are all really ethical & there was no hard sell on the products. In fact Amida encouraged us to restrain ourselves from buying loads of stuff at the outset and make sure it's the right thing for us before buying the expensive equipment. Bless him!

My aim when I came to the retreat was to be shiny and I reckon I achieved that. I feel amazing - bags of energy and everyone is cooing over me saying how well I look & that I've lost loads of weight. I didn't want it to be about losing weight so swerved the scales while I was there but weighed on Sat morning at home and I'd lost 11 pounds - hurray!

Final mad ramble - you have inspired us to do our raw chef certificates and offer some workshops ourselves in Manchester." *

May 2010

Justina G. - Gloucester

"I just wanted to write to thank you both for the care and expertise extended during the retreat I attended. I, despite being very motivated was full of trepidation, self administered colonics!, Navel gazing groups!, etc. Needless to say the mystification of the colonics were dispelled by Dao in his straightforward, kind and reassuring way. The navel gazing just didn't happen, well not with the people I mixed with.

Amida's approach was great and his morning meditation and exercises just right and is something I'am trying to continue with. Dao's talk's were educational and truly inspiring, I'am trying not to bang on (too much) to family and friends about our arboreal ancestors, healthy eating etc, I'am looking forward to the tapes. You both work so well together. Benita and Claudia are talented, warm and gracious women, the massages and treatments were excellent.

But, in addition what has thrilled me is that I have lost almost 1 stone in weight, and did not put any weight back on when I started eating and drinking, al be it much more healthily than I did. Friends and family say how nice it is to have the old me back, I feel more alert and alive.

So, thank you both, you are running so much more than a business, and should be proud of the ethos, kind, caring professionalism and sheer good that Sura provides." *

May 2010

Debra P. - Wokingham

"We have now got back into the daily routine that we left behind for one amazing week. But we are all changed in some way, feel stronger, lighter (!), more in control.

Thank you all so very much for a fantastic experience, for making us all feel so welcome and comfortable, for supporting us bringing along Roux (who by the way probably had the best experience of all of us!!), and for just being you.

You are all truly extraordinary people, a pleasure to be around, and I defy anyone, ever, who has spent time with you not to feel better, purer, more peaceful for the experience.

Long may your retreats last, and you may well see us again." *

May 2010

Ella P. - Wokingham

"I have been meaning to email you since I got back to say thank you so much. Although I'm not sure that thank you covers it, language is a bit limiting sometimes.

I had a wonderful week and now that I'm back at home, back at work, I am eating lots of yummy raw foods and feeling a lot more positive.

The detox was only ever about losing a bit of weight and cleansing for me at the beginning but it became so much more than that, mostly due to all of you who worked so hard. It has been a while since I met so many beautiful people. So, thank you." *


Testimonials 2009

2009 Detox Retreat Testimonials

Testimonials 2009

2009 Detox Retreat Testimonials


Testimonials 2008

2008 Detox Retreat Testimonials

Testimonials 2008

2008 Detox Retreat Testimonials

Dec 2008

Brenda I. - Bedforshire

"It's been a good month since the retreat. Since returning from the Retreat, I've maintained a ratio of about 80% raw! I was probably about 50% raw previously. I gained 2 lb (of the 9 lb I lost at the retreat) in the first couple of days back (to be expected) and that has stayed the same. Although I didn't come for weight loss particularly, it is a nice bonus.

I've bought a spiralizer, which certainly makes the raw veg more interesting and easier to eat. I love making raw sauces. I have increased the number of fruit and veg smoothies I eat and enjoy including the cacao nibs, mesquite and Lucuma. More challenging is adding the Spirulina, because it has such a strong taste! I usually add some Hemp Oil, to supplement the Flaxseed Oil I take with my Cottage Cheese. My next task is to continue checking websites, as I have yet to find one that says you can swap Cottage Cheese for Almond Milk.

I've just ordered a sprouter, so that I can make even better use of recipes, tastes and combinations. I've got a food combining book and a raw food recipe book - so I'm set!

All in all, I would say it has been a very successful 're-entry' and my lifestyle is increasingly healthy. I am very optimistic about persisting with my new regime and have definitely raised my game in terms of feeding myself good, nutritious, raw food.

I hope all is well with you and the team and that you are each continuing to enjoy making a positive difference to people's lives. Attending the Retreat remains a high spot of my year, providing many excellent and enduring benefits." *

Nov 2008


"Hi Dao,

For years I had suffered from mild but persistent acne, lethargy, congestion, headaches and a short attention span. I put these symptoms down to my alcohol consumption and once I stopped drinking expected them to disappear.

When I went on the Sura Detox retreat I was amazed to discover from Kate, the homeopath, that I was allergic to wheat oats and yeast. Along with my symptoms, my sensitivity to these foods indicated that I was prone to Candida. Once I'd completed the detox process I looked (and felt) better than I had in years and was very motivated to avoid the trigger foods as well as reduce sugar in my diet.

One year later I'm still totally symptom free, have increased energy, and a more stable, optimistic mood. My experience has taught me never to underestimate the effect of what I eat on my well being. My whole outlook and attitude to life has change. I feel empowered to make better choices." *

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Testimonials 2007

2007 Detox Retreat Testimonials

Testimonials 2007

2007 Detox Retreat Testimonials

Oct 2007


Sorry not to have sent this sooner. Thanks very much for the experience on the 19 Oct retreat. The whole team made the stay so enjoyable - I never thought I'd say that about a "no-food" holiday! - and I'm making a determined effort to build on the knowledge and understanding gained. Even managed to stick to raw on the 400 mile journey back home, whereas before I would have been stopping for lattes and cakes I happily survived the journey on your beautiful bag of organic fruit and lots of grapes and salads from M&S Simply Food in the service stations on the way home. And I wasn't forcing myself, on the contrary I actually enjoyed it.

I was worried about my very sweet tooth but am deliriously happy after using Google to discover the existence of raw chocolate cake and have booked up to go on a 1 day raw food course with Simply Raw next Saturday near Liverpool. *

Sept 2007


Sura have got it right. The program, people and stacks of information made my experience here exceptional.

They totally delivered on their mission statement and the grand finale meal was absolutely stunning.

Thank you gazzilions. *