Detox Fasting and the Thyroid

Over the years, we have seen many results worth talking about, confirming to the power of fasting.

I am always keen to emphasise that it may not be just the fast itself that generates these results, but the refreshed start in life one feels after it. Below with have a testimonial from a previous guest of ours on the subject of her thyroid story.


Detox Fasting for Health

Going on the work of peoples from all across the globe, for thousands of years, there can be no question that fasting has its place as a means of resetting something within the body. Because of its miraculous results on easing the mind as well, fasting was hijacked by religions as a spiritual practice - which is how we now, mostly associate them.

Some structures within the body benefit directly from the resting, detoxifying forces unleashed when we fast - see here to understand more about those :

  • The gut gets a break from the constant rigours of digestion, especially the colon, which can rest from its constant funnelling of toxic matter.
  • Inflamed tissues relax, as the inflammatory system calms, without constantly being triggered by the stimulants in food.
  • The skin is known to come out shinning after a fast, given that it is not being used as a secondary elimination channel for this time.
  • The weight loss is obvious - averaging 10lbs in a week - depending on how much one has to lose, and the body's (and the mind's) ability to keep up with the changes.

Less tangible, but just as apparent are the effects upon the mind - given this unprecedented time away from the stresses of phones, family and work. Many stress-related conditions like anxiety, depression, excessive work-life, and family pressures, as well as deep-seated beliefs are suddenly softened, and many are up for re-evaluation - from a more distant perspective, and within a new context. And it is within this grey area that we work best. It enables us to reprogramme ourselves into new eating patterns, new stress-responses, and better inter-relationships. So the effects of the fast many not just be directly because of the cleanse, or the rest, but from the time out.

Alternatives to the alternatives

However, there are some conditions are considered as more difficult to reach, such as hormonal issues, energy patterns, and historical psychology.

In these instances, once we have covered the nutritional requirements of the body, I turn to less tangible methods - fields of study that are less known to me, and I find difficult to explain the benefits of, and yet I see them - all the time. Such subjects as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbology, psychological work, and even shamanic practices. All have their place in the 'whatever works' method of healing.

Because these fields are more difficult to understand and measure, they often come under much sceptical scrutiny.

These miraculous remissions are lost in statistical relevance to the kind of organisations dealing with huge numbers of people. Thus they are discarded as 'anecdotal', but these incredible stories of individual's healings continue to happen - regularly.

Especially sad is the millions that are thrown out of court as 'placebo' - what a criminal waste of the most powerful healing tool known to us.

Just because we cannot understand something should not mean it does not work.

The Thyroid

One of the more troublesome issues within the body, quite resistant to many forms of therapy are thyroid issues.

Almost every case is dealt with pharmaceutically by a life-long dose of Thyroxine - a synthetic version of one of the major hormones that the thyroid produces when functioning well, keeping the metabolism, energy levels, and endocrine ticking over.

And so, I have aways been cautious to tote the wonders of fasting on such complex systems, but long-term dietary change can work miracles as well.

This almost mythical gland in the neck is bound up in complex, antagonistic, hormone loops involving all the other endocrine glands. together they form a kind of time-scheduled, energy-pacing, growth-sequencing engine that is so interrelated, so self-involved, that while we know much about the individual components involved, we know little about the whole system - something like knowing every cog in the clock, but still not understanding how it works !

Thyroid Nutrients

The Halide group of chemicals (Iodine, Bromine, Chlorine, etc) are heavily connected Thyroid function, and with so many toxic versions of them in our modern world, it is difficult to come up with healthy ones. Bromines in furniture, carpets, car interiors especially, plus chlorine from pools, etc., all interfere with the body's ability to get the right halides into the system. Second had versions of these household items are always preferable, as they will have already gassed-off some their volatile toxic load.

However, I am keen to mention the foods that I know have a beneficial effect upon the thyroid by bringing in the right halides - but this will only be beneficial if the lack of them is causing the condition.


Iodine is often at critically low levels during the Hypothyroidism (low thyroid production) :

  • Slow metabolism,
  • Lethargy and weakness
  • Course, dry hair and skin
  • Weight management issues

And Iodine can usually be found in sufficiently healthy amounts in seaweeds alone.

Coconut Oil

Oils tend to slow metabolism and have a suppressive effects upon the thyroid, but coconut oil is different.

Replacing heavily-processed, industrialised oils for better, cold-pressed versions is a great start (see here for more), but coconut oil is the best because it actually speeds the thyroid into action.

Read much more on oils generally, and especially coconut oil here.

And then I got this email...

I was on your detox retreat last May and wanted to tell you about my success so far in managing my thyroid issues.

I had been taking thyroxine for about 8 months after being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, my condition had improved significantly with medication, but when I felt better I was disappointed at having to take medication forever and for not giving myself the opportunity to try any alternatives.

After the fast I felt like I could tackle the problem and if it didn’t work I would just resolve myself to taking thyroxine forever.

We had a chat about it and you couldn’t really advise me on the problem because of the medical nature of it, but I felt confident to have a go at tackling the problem myself.

After the fast I completely changed my diet, started eating lots of iodine rich veg and over a 6 week period reduced my thyroxine to nothing so I have not been taking thyroxine for 5 months now and I feel great, none of my original thyroid related issues have returned, of course thats not to say they never will,

I feel that my thyroid - combined with other organs - were probably struggling before, and paying attention to nutrition has helped resolve the problem.

I know you are not able to advise people about medically-related problems but I thought you might be interested to know of my success, going on the Sura Detox gave me the confidence to make real changes, and take responsibility for my own health and well being.

I have to say that not eating for 5 days was not really fun but the effect afterwards was really very surprising, it has been so easy to change my diet and not eat foods that previously I craved it was as if the fast rebooted my whole system to tune in to what my body needed, it’s a good feeling!

I feel I have understated the changes - the only other thing was weight. I didn’t go on the detox to lose weight although I was a little on the chubby side, Im not sure how much I lost on the detox but it must have been about 10 pounds or so.

I am now about 1 stone lighter than before the detox, and it has stayed off. I haven’t been trying to lose weight, it just came off through thinking about how to eat nourishing foods, I think that has been a big surprise for my friends who all expected me to put the weight back on, not to me though because I know I’m eating well.

I don’t look that different - a bit trimmer maybe - it’s more that I feel loads better.

So thank you all very much for that. *
— Sharon N

So, these things can be resolved

Of course, we are quite used to amazing stories of rejuvenation following a fast, but I like this story because it does reinforce that it is not necessarily the fast that does the work - it is the changes that we make in our lives thereafter.

We can guide and advise. The fast gives you the restful space to contemplate changes. And our business is to empower you to make those changes.

But it is you that makes them.

But it is the body that does the healing.

The food we eat is the healer.

And you are responsible for it.

You are the hero in your own life.

So, get yourself on a detox, regardless of the condition. It may be the fast itself that kicks in the healing response. It may be the deep rest. It may be the treatments and therapy received there.

But most likely it will be the nutritional changes you make thereafter that do the trick.


Your health is built upon what you do every day, not what you did in Devon 6 months ago