Personal Coaching

Guests report this one hour session as an invaluable resource in the retreat process. They find that it helps them to stock of their lives and the situations they find themselves in. Daniel's skill is to help you to discover what is really true for you and helps you clarify the choices you might make to fulfil them.

Helping with life's choices

Deep down we all know what we need. We know what we love, what moves us and leaves us feeling connected and alive. And we long for this.

But conditioned patterns from the past, poor relating and the habit of compromise, undermine our aliveness, snipping quietly away until we find ourselves living from a place of resigned ambivalence.

One of the great things about being on a detox retreat is that you have taken the time to slow down and disconnect from your normal life - and you are fasting. Both of these facts can make it easier to get closer to the truth that is at the root of difficulties both practical, emotional and in terms of your path in life.

Daniel facilitates clients in embracing difficulties such as stress, depression, trauma, change and discovering in them the potential opportunity for learning and personal and professional transformation. Daniel uses a variety of body based psychotherapeutic techniques to support this process of gentle unfolding.

You can use your time with Daniel to explore whatever aspects of your life you want. During your session you will be encouraged to notice and follow the sensations in your body as they arise. Bringing your attention to these areas and exploring what they are like may bring changes; memories, thoughts and emotions will come to light that will lead to deeper insight and understanding.

This process of unravelling helps clients to reconnect to their natural presence, supporting them in living life to the full. Your session will wake you up to the reality of your life, give you time and space to gently unravel the difficulties and have, you will leave the room with a fresh perspective and some practical tools for embracing the future.