Landing Package

Applying the principles of health to the practice of eating


Now that you are back in your kitchen, we have devised a package to get you implementing new food routines in an interesting, delicious, and sustainable way.

You have bought yourself the highest chance of making changes to your diet that will benefit you, and your family & friends.

You'll receive a recipe video each week, along with details on how to make it work for you, and further motivation on why you are doing it.

  • The first four weeks will focus on breakfasts, arguably the most important meal of the day. Once you have those under your belt, you can simply rotate those four breakfasts, or start inventing your own.
  • The next four weeks will take you more into the world of savoury foods - focusing on lunches, and again, once you understand the examples, you can start inventing your own.
  • The final four are concentrating more on dinners, a touch heavier and fuller than lunches. 

By this point you should find yourself travelling in a whole new direction with food.

If you want more, there are additional packages in the pipeline.

  • Puddings
  • Dehydrator foods
  • Ferments
  • Snacks
  • Cosmetics