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Nov 2014

Charlotte B. - Company Director

"Oh my goodness I have thought such a lot about you and the team since leaving Devon on 24th October. What a week!

I wanted to say hi and thank you. Thank you for looking after me so well and thank you for helping me to find me again. I knew coming would be the right thing and I was right. Not to say that it was fact, it was bloody hard but worth all the misery!

I have got all sorts of new habits thanks to you guys. Firstly I managed to blag an early Christmas present (a Vitamix!) and have trained up the 14 and 12 year olds to use it. They are addicted to Nikki's courgette houmous and also make a mean fruit smoothie. We are all eating lots of raw fruit and veg and, whilst there is still some cooking, I have made little changes to every meal so as to not scare everyone too much!

Initially, I felt exhausted (too much puking) but I did get my energy back pretty quickly. I have felt so much more stable and happy and I know that my gut is SOOO much happier. For me though the main thrust of the week was to purge all sorts of emotional issues which have been eating me. You will be pleased to hear that I am now much happier and I have also found space for 'me' which I hope to expand as the weeks go by. I have also learned not to be so hard on myself!

For everyone else I would say 'Do not hesitate to book yourself a precious week of time during which you are rebooting your own health - both physical and emotional. A detox is not for the faint hearted but I cannot stress how cathartic it is on so many levels. It is the best money I have ever spent and the benefits will last me a life time. You couldn't wish for a better team of people to guide you through this process. Thank you!." *

April 2014

Penny & Pete S.

"We have made some quite dramatic changes to our diet following the week and have actually exceeded our expectations of what we thought was achievable and sustainable for us. We are now the proud owners of an excaliber dehydrator and have worked our way through most of Nikki's receipes and more. We have developed a serious addiction to kale crisps! We eat raw, mainly vegan for breakfast and lunch but tend to have warm veggies for supper. We are in the main vegetarian during the week and only eat meat or fish if we want at the weekend. This has been a huge change particularly for Pete, who had only intended to just do the detox week and that was it!

The fantastic change for me is that this change of diet has meant a complete end to my stomach pain and IBS symptoms, and I remain confident it will also mean a steady increase in my thyroid function and bone density.

Pete has created a vegetable patch in the garden and for the first time we are trying our hand at growing our own. Whilst we find the food preparaton quite a timely process we have certainly speeded up the shopping process as 90% of our needs is now just fruit and veg.

I am spreading the word about Sura Detox at work, the contents of my lunch box appears to be fascinating for them to peruse and I have enjoyed the banter we have over what a 'healthy' diet and lifestyle actually is.

Thank you to you and your team, you lot really are very special and it is this quality that makes the Sura experience so unique and second to none." *

February 2014

Lynn C. - Worcester

"I thought this retreat would help me on a mind,body & spirit level - it did. It gave me everything I wanted and needed.
You guys know your stuff 100%, which I got already from our email exchange before the retreat - keep up the good work.

I got home and I just felt I had to send you a copy of these photos!

First was taken on Friday 21st sat at home packing to leave for Devon

And the second was taken Friday 28th my return from detox!!!!!

No makeup in either photo, but my goodness

My friends and family tell me I look fantastic." *

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